Fillet Away Fish Mat

Fillet Away Fish Mats are made of a high quality TPV material that does not absorb oil. The rows of pegs hold the fish securely in place while it is being cleaned. The result is a fillet mat that works to your advantage and is also easy to use and clean. No more stinky slippery fillet mats.

  • PORTABLE STINK-FREE MAT - This durable mat is a lightweight, stink free, flexible fish fillet cleaning mat. Fillet away on a boat, dock, shoreline, or bait/fish fillet table. Pressure down on the fish and the mat gets a grip - no "fish fillet board with a clamp" needed! Rolls up for easy storage and transportation
  • HEAVY-DUTY ANTI-SLIP MAT AND PEGS - The mat and all 3,076 anti-slip pegs provide professional filleting results that are safe and fast. Even after your 10th consecutive fish, the grip on the mat is as great as the first fish you filleted
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - Easy to clean in the field and painless to clean at home
  • 100% RECYCLABLE - High quality made to last material that is landfill friendly
  • MADE IN THE USA - Durable soft-touch feel Santoprene is a thermoplastic rubber designed to offer chemical and UV resistance
  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee
  • ​Dimensions: 19" long x 14" wide
  • Color: Black
  • Material: TPV (Oil Resistant)

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Testimonials & Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jenny Brettelle

Great product!


wondering if mat is long enough for bigger fish. Works great for walleyes and northerns.

Blaine Adderley
Fillet matts

I thought they would be bigger glad I purchased 2 most of the fish I catch are yellow tail and will not fit on 1 matt

Ray S.
Outstanding Product!

I just receieved my Filet Away Fish Mat and the very next day was able to use it on a fresh Oregon Coast chinook salmon. There was no salmon slime slipping or sliding on the cutting board and the mat worked as advertised.. I highly recommend!!!

Rick Rocheleau
Salmon killer

Needs to be twice as long!!! Other than that great product. We catch big fish in Alaska!